Swiss Museum of Transport, Entrance Building and Road Transport Hall, Lucerne (2005-2009)
Remodelling Art Museum and Laurenzbau, Basel (2003-2007)
Art Gallery Henze & Ketterer, Wichtrach (2002-2004)
'Donation Albers-Honegger', Mouans-Sartoux, France (2001-2003)
Archeological Museum and Park Kalkriese, Osnabrück, Germany (1998-2002)
Renovation and Extension Oskar Reinhart Collection “ Am Römerholz”, Winterthur (1995-1998)
Kunsmuseum Appenzell, formerly Museum Liner (1996-1998)
Extension Kunstmuseum Winterthur (1993-1995)
Kirchner Museum Davos (1989-1992)

Office Buildings
Prime Tower Office High-rise, Maag-Areal, Zurich (2004-2011)
Platform Office Building, Zurich (2007-2011)

Public Buildings
Signal Box, Zurich (1996, 1998-1999)
Auditorium University of Zurich (1999-2002)

Housing Complex Zollikerstrasse, Zurich (2006-2011)
Detached House on Zürichberg (2008-2011)
Detached House, Canton Grisons (2006-2007) 
Detached House, Küsnacht (2005-2007)
Housing Development Goldschlägi, Schlieren (2005, 2005-2009)
Housing Development Erlenhof, Dietikon (2006-2009)
Residential and Office Building, Färberei-Areal, House 1, Thalwil (1998, 2005-2008)
Housing Complex Diggelmannstrasse, Zurich (2005-2007)
Residence Pré-Babel, Geneva (2004-2008)
Housing Complex Park Grünenberg, Wädenswil (2004-2007)
Housing Development Brunnenhof, Zurich (2003-2007)
Housing Development Neumünsterallee, Zurich (2003-2007)
Extension / Renovation of Historical Villa, Kastanienbaum (2002-2004)
Detached House, Zurich (2001-2003)
Housing Development and Remodeling, Pflegi-Areal, Zurich (1998-2002)
Housing Development Broëlberg II, Kilchberg 1999-2001)
Three Houses on Susenbergstrasse, Zurich (1998-2000)
Two Houses, Zurich (1995-1998)

Hommage à Le Corbusier, Villa „Le Lac“, Corseaux 2015
13th International Architecture Biennale, Venice