Arne Jacobsen – Absolutely Modern

One could perhaps describe our contribution to the exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of Arne Jacobsen as our “view ” of his work – or more precisely of eleven of his buildings. This is not a scholarly work on Jacobsen; nor are we making the claim that our architectural development has been influenced more by Jacobsen than by other famous architects – in fact, we may even have been influenced somewhat less by him since there were no detailed publications on his work prior to the new comprehensive monograph by Carsten Thau and Kjeld Vindum. The intention of our contribution is to communicate our first real encounter with Jacobsen’s buildings in the form of 80 x11 transparencies which we have taken of his work. In this darkened room, visitors see these pictures of eleven buildings and at the same time, naturally enough, they see how we saw the buildings.

On the other hand, the little book  “: seen by” shows a mirror-image of our buildings, as seen and photographed by Kjeld Vindum, Jacobsen’s compatriot and a highly knowledgeable connoisseur of his work. This kind of “reciprocal” observation distinguishes the following conversation with all those involved. For interestin, stimulating and above all pleasurable co-operation in the conception as well as the realisation of this project we wish to express our warmest thanks to Kjeld Vindum (photographs of G/G buildings), Arthur Rüegg (interview, transcription, concept) and Lars Müller (book design, concept).

Exhibition location Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark

Exhibition period 30. August 2002 – 12. January 2003