«GIGON/GUYER. Kirchner Museum revisited» Solo exhibition

With the Kirchner Museum Davos (1989-1992), we as young architects put into practice the vision of an ideal museum – a building that wholly serves art appreciation. But also a building that self-confidently shows its composition, tailor-made for the special location at alpine altitude, in the small park in the middle of Davos.

In the exhibition “Gigon/Guyer. Kirchner Museum revisited” we take a fresh look at the museum building. Together with the filmmaker Severin Kuhn, we show different facets of the house, review its genesis and also our oeuvre from the past three decades. Boxes, shelves and pedestals made of simple crate wood form the substrate for films, models and material samples – the working and presenting tools we have routinely used.

In one exhibition room, we take on the role of curator, for once, and present “our” favorite paintings by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Another room should remain empty as per our concept, to be there only for the light and the people. The ephemeral, objectless art of Tino Sehgal will bring this room to life in a unique way during the exhibition period of five weeks.

The exhibition is complemented by a catalog with texts by Katharina Beisiegel, Gianna Cadonau, Köbi Gantenbein, Momoyo Kaijima, Christoph Kübler, Marietta Piekenbrock, Laurent Stalder and an interview with Katharina Beisiegel, Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer. It also contains photo essays by Stephan Bösch, Katalin Deér, Pati Grabowicz, Harald F. Müller / Guido Kasper and Jules Spinatsch.

Exhibition location Kirchner Museum Davos

Exhibition period 27. November 2022 – 01. January 2023

Exhibition team Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer
Collaborators: Katja Mencke, Arend Kölsch, Ivana Beljan, Sonja Furrer Stitz, Veronika Weisner, Sophie Ballweg, Adrian Müller, Thea Bonatz, Vanessa Ebert, Florian Meissner, Sven Nyffenegger, Jannis Poncelet, Jannis Sachmerda
Films by Severin Kuhn

Kirchner Museum Davos

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