«Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer» Solo exhibition

The exhibition in the main hall of the ETH Zurich conveyed impressions of a range of constructions, both in Switzerland and abroad, by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer. The projects shown cover a broad spectrum in terms of size, function and prestige, with everything from museums to residential properties, low-cost projects and high-profile buildings, subtle conversions and spectacular new builds.

All projects were presented solely by means of film projections, which added an unusual temporal dimension to the experience of viewing architecture in an exhibition. Cinematographer Severin Kuhn captured everyday movements in and around the buildings of a kind that conventional architectural photography rarely records, and thus transformed inanimate constructions into animated objects. Some 30 buildings were transposed into the arcaded hall as luminous, “slow” moving images – projected on three tall white prisms in the middle of the hall, made of fabric. A small brochure contained additional information and plan material and was available for visitors to take away.

Exhibition location Main hall, ETH Zurich Center

Exhibition period 9. December 2011 – 26. January 2012

Exhibition team Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer
Collaborators: Jennifer Hauger, Arend Kölsch, Ilka Tegler, Veronika Weisner
Films: Severin Kuhn
Cut: Severin Kuhn, Roland von Tessin
Production technology/installation: videocompany.ch:
Aufdi Aufdermauer, Karin Wegmüller

Exhibition leaflet.pdf