Hommage à Le Corbusier
Cinquantenaire de la disparition de Le Corbusier

This film was made in the summer of 2015 on the occasion of the exhibition «A Tribute to Le Corbusier» at the Villa «Le Lac» in Corseaux.
We have recorded a visit to the «Petite Maison» of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in moving pictures and an audio track but without explanations. The film is patient, calm and curious: we hear the sound of steps, reverberations from the street nearby, doors and cabinets being opened and closed, and we see the flexible ways in which the house and its furnishings might be used. It is an attempt to illuminate and elucidate the lively «jeu, savant, correct et magnifique des volumes sous la lumière».
The film has been uploaded onto the Internet in order to «expand» public perception of this small, private building and make it accessible to the public at large.
Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer

Exhibition location Villa «Le Lac» Le Corbusier, Corseaux

Exhibition period 5. June – 1. November 2015

Exhibition team Concept: Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer
Film: Severin Kuhn
With the support of DARCH, ETH Zurich