Werkstoff – Solo exhibition

Conceiving an exhibition that focused mainly upon the few buildings constructed to date – buildings, in addition, that are not located far from the exhibition venue and that are also open to the public – seemed to be an unnecessary venture.

What interested us in the undertaking of an ‘architectural exhibition’, however, was the fact that exhibiting architecture and creating architecture have one feature in common: working with proxy elements. Thus, the buildings were represented by those subsidiary elements that had been used to plan and monitor the buildings beforehand, indirectly and removed from the building site. These were aids such as full-scale material samples and small-scale plans and models – hence as patchwork representing the whole. Presenting material in this way was equivalent to a visualised, mental dismantling of the buildings into their component parts.

Exhibition location Architekturgalerie, Lucerne

Exhibition period 25. September – 24. October 1993

Exhibition team Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer, Stephanie Kühnle, Karin Stegmeier