New Library St.Gallen

Location St.Gallen, Switzerland

Programme Fusion of cantonal and municipal library, new building and conversion of existing building
Open access collection for children, young people, adults, magazines, events, gastronomy

Competition 2021

Gross Floor Area 17‘066 m2

Competition Organzier Helvetia Schweizerische Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG
Kanton & Stadt St.Gallen

Team G/G Stefan Thommen, Ivana Beljan, Dylan Kreuzer, Tobias Sandbichler

Cost Planning/Scheduling Ghisleni Partner AG, Zurich

Structural Engineer WaltGalmarini AG, Zurich

Building Services Engineer 3-Plan Haustechnik AG, Winterthur

Building Physics Engineer BAKUS Bauphysik & Akustik GmbH, Zurich

Fire Engineer Enfors AG, Sempach

Other Consulting Library: Markus Joachim, ETH-Library Section Leader, Zurich

Model Modellbau Zaborowsky, Zurich

Photos Model: Modellbau Zaborowsky

Sports Center Oerlikon

Location Zürich-Oerlikon

Programme Indoor swimming pool suitable for competitions, swimming and special pools, diving facility, summer swimming pool, artificial ice rink, training area, sauna, grass sports facility, works yard

Competition 2020

Gross Floor Area 51‘315 m2

Competition Organzier Stadt Zürich

Team G/G Stefan Thommen (Team Manager), Ivana Beljan, Matthias Clivio, Matteo Zwyssig

Landscape Architecture Hager Partner AG, Zurich

Structural Engineer WaltGalmarini AG, Zurich

Electrical Engineer HKG Engineering AG, Schlieren

Building Services Engineer Waldhauser + Hermann AG, Münchenstein

Fire Engineer GRP Ingenieure AG, Rotkreuz

Other Ice rink/cold planning: Leplan AG, Winterthur

Old Warteck-Areal, Riehenring

Location Basel, Switzerland

Programme apartments, offices, restaurants

Feasibility Study 2007

Client Warteck Invest AG

Team G/G Nicolai Rünzi, Ivana Vukoja, Karsten Buchholz

Landscape Architecture Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich

Structural Engineer Aerni + Aerni, Zürich

Building Services Engineer Waldhauser Haustechnik AG, Basel

Building Physics Engineer BAKUS Bauphysik & Akustik GmbH, Zürich

Traffic Engineer Enz & Partner GmbH, Zürich

Colours Harald F. Müller, Oehningen, Deutschland

Housing Project Areal Schleife

Location Zug, Switzerland

Programme 193 Apartments: 98 Rented Apartments, 95 Condominiums

Feasibility Study 2006

Client Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

Team G/G Franziska Bächer, Martin Bischofberger, Karsten Buchholz, Christoph Justies, Andrei Kosholev, Raul Mera, Stefan Thommen, Ivana Vukoja

Landscape Architecture planetage GmbH, Zurich

Cost Planning/Scheduling Heinz Giger, Sulgen/TG

Structural Engineer Dr. Schwartz Consulting AG, Zug

Electrical Engineer IBG B. Graf AG, St.Gallen

Building Services Engineer PB P. Berchthold, Sarnen

Building Physics Engineer BAKUS, Zurich

Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach

Location Los Angeles, USA

Programme Museum and condominiums

Competition 2006

Competition Organzier Orange County Museum of Art

Team G/G Monica Knechtle, Andrei Koshelev, Raul Mera

Cost Planning/Scheduling Davis Langdon

Structural Engineer Arup, Los Angeles, USA and London, UK
Ernst Basler + Partner Ingenieure, Zollikon

Building Services Engineer Arup, Los Angeles, USA und London, UK
Ernst Basler + Partner Ingenieure, Zollikon

Lighting Consultant Arup, Los Angeles, USA und London, UK

Zurich University of the Arts, Toni-Areal

Location Zurich, Switzerland

Programme Zurich University of the Arts: classrooms, workshops, library, offices, workstations, event area; Zurich University of Applied Sciences: Lecture halls, library, workstations, event area

Competition 2005–2006

Client Zürcher Kantonalbank

Team G/G Volker Mencke, Andréanne Pochon, Mathias Brühlmann, Michael Wagner, Christoph Ramser, Ivana Vukoja, Raul Mera

Construction Management Perolini Baumanagement AG, Zurich

Landscape Architecture Vetsch, Nipkow Partner AG, Zurich

Structural Engineer Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich

Electrical Engineer Elkom Partner AG, Chur

Building Services Engineer PB P. Berchtold Ing. Büro für Energie und Haustechnik, Sarnen

Building Physics Engineer Bakus Bauphysik & Akustik GmbH, Zurich

Signage Integral Ruedi Baur Zürich GmbH, Zurich

Visitors Center Museum Kalkriese

Added later to the Archaeological Museum and Park Kalkriese, the visitors center now marks its entrance. The ground floor houses the reception desk, museum shop, and a children’s museum, while a multifunctional hall upstairs can be used as a large exhibition gallery or subdivided into smaller spaces by means of mobile partitions for use as meeting or conference facilities. Large windows on both sides offer views outdoors. The building is clad all around in facing bricks. The previous farmstead and the new building are united into a coherent ensemble by the material nature of their façades and together form an inviting courtyard.

Location Osnabrück, Germany

Programme New building visitor center: restaurant, information, shop, children's museum, exhibition, restauration. Renovation farmstead: exhibition, administration

Competition 2003, 1st Prize

Planning/Construction 2006–2009

Client Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land gGmbH
Museum und Park Kalkriese, Germany

Gross Floor Area 1‘778 m2

Team G/G Volker Mencke

Structural Engineer Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich

Electrical Engineer Jacobi + Richter Elektro- und Fördertechnik, Osnabrück, Germany

Building Services Engineer pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG, Osnabrück, Germany

Building Physics Engineer Ingenieurbüro für angewandte Bauphysik, Osnabrück, Germany

Exhibition Design, Berlin, Germany

Urban Development Study Manegg

The former Sihlpapier site, located in the south of Zurich, in Manegg, is characterized both by a special lenticular form and by an island-like isolation. The river Sihl, the Sihlkanal, as well as the forest embankment to the highway and the highway itself have a shape-forming and isolating effect. The centered traffic axes of the cantonal road and the SZU railroad line form two similarly shaped sites with slightly different characteristics: The western side tends to be better connected to traffic and nonetheless more quietly situated against the Sihl than the eastern side, behind the SZU tracks and constrained by the highway. The central plots between these main traffic routes create a kind of backbone.

Location Zurich, Switzerland

Competition 2000

Competition Organzier Manegg Owners' Association and City of Zurich

Team G/G Christoph Bhend, Pieter Rabijns

Landscape Architecture Zulauf Seippel Schweingruber, Baden

Housing Development Färberei-Areal

Four new buildings were planned for the site of the former “Färberei”, or textiledyeing factory, to be constructed in successive stages in order to establish an ensemble together with the refurbished “Blue Factory”. This former industrial area is thus gradually developing into an urban residential, commercial, and office district. The elongated, cubic buildings are set into the hillside like a fan, creating flowing interim spaces that expand to form plazas. The colors of the buildings were developed during the various construction phases in collaboration with the artist Harald F. Müller.

Location Thalwil, Switzerland

Programme 114 apartments with partly public uses, offices, underground parking, 190 parking spaces
House 1: 5-storey new building, 35 apartments with 3.5–7.5 rooms, 900 m2 of flexibly divisible office space on two floors
House 2 & 3: Two 5-storey new buildings, House 2: 48 apartments with 2.5–4.5 rooms
House 3: 20 apartments with 2.5–5.5 rooms, ground floor: space for public use
House 5: 6-storey new building, 11 condominiums, 3.5–6.5 rooms

Competition 1998, 1st Prize

Commission House 2 & 3: 2008

Planning/Construction House 1 & 5: 2005–2008
House 2 & 3: 2008–2012

Client House 1: Weidmann Management AG, Thalwil
House 2 & 3: Ornak AG, Thalwil
House 5: Lerch Immobilien AG, Winterthur

Gross Floor Area Total: 31'033 m2
House 2: 10‘650 m2
House 3: 4‘450 m2
House 5: 3'183 m2
House 1: 12'750 m2

Team G/G Michael Winklmann (Team Manager)
House 2 & 3: Cornelia Schmidt (Projekt Manager from 2010), Lucía Gratz, Anna Dreykluft, Ingo Brinkmann, Daniela Bergmann, Martin Schiess, Meret Morgenthaler, Martin Bischofberger, Christoph Dober, Alex Zeller, Griet Aesaert, Daniel Trepte
House 5: Ilka Tegeler (Projekt Manager), Ingo Brinkmann, Reto Killer
House 1: Esther Righetti, Marius Baumann, Stine Henckel Schultz, Hiroaki Tanaka

Total Contractor House 1: Karl Steiner AG, Zurich
House 2 & 3: HRS Real Estate AG, Zurich
House 5: AG, Zurich

Landscape Architecture Schweingruber Zulauf, Zurich

Structural Engineer House 1 & 5: Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich
House 2 & 3: Synaxis AG, Zurich

Electrical Engineer House 1 & 5: Elkom Partner AG, Chur
Haus 2 & 3: R+B engineering AG, Zurich

Building Services Engineer HL Technik, Schaffhausen

Building Physics Engineer Wichser Akustik & Bauphysik AG, Zurich

Colours Harald F. Müller, Öhningen, Germany