Housing Development Goldschlägi

The Goldschlägi site is located adjacent to the railway station in the center of Schlieren. The site borders a wide stretch of railway track to the north and a green space to the south that serves as a vista and access area for the apartments. The elongated, narrow residential buildings emphasize the orientation of the plot parallel to the tracks, but rigidity is alleviated by their offset alignment. The height of the complex varies between three and six floors, resulting in a division of the overall volume that creates differentiated outdoor spaces.

The urban concept is reflected in the individual apartment types. Those rooms in which noise level is of less relevance, such as the access cores, kitchens, and bathrooms, are located on the north, facing the tracks. All living rooms and bedrooms, as well as the generously proportioned, projecting balconies, face south over the garden area. Their staggered positioning provides residents with an outdoor space one or two stories high. The parapets and the side elements are composed of colored glass panels that ensure privacy and cast bright blue shadows when the sun shines.

The complex is divided into 105 apartments with different floor plans and of varying sizes ( with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms ). All have one open-plan living / dining / kitchen area that is naturally lit from both sides. The kitchen and bathroom form one module in each unit, and a large number of different floor plans have been generated through its alternate siting.

The projecting and recessed façades facing the tracks have been finished in a bright red. The black-framed windows of various sizes and division – belonging to the kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas, and staircases – create a rhythmic pattern. The south-facing façades and the end walls are of white plaster, with the window frames and sunblinds executed here in anodized aluminum.

Concrete floor slabs cast in-situ and prefabricated concrete supports give the complex a regular structure. Bracing is achieved by means of the stairwells and the external end walls. The concrete structure is encased in large, prefabricated and insulated timber elements, clad with a rear-ventilated and plastered façade. Using frame construction throughout and avoiding load-bearing internal walls wherever possible has ensured a high degree of flexibility with regard to the floor plans.

Location Schlieren, Switzerland

Programme Two buildings with varying heights (3 to 6 storeys); 105 rented apartments, different typologies and sizes (2.5-, 3.5- and 4.5-room apartments), less noise sensitive rooms orientated towards the tracks; living accomodation / bedrooms and balconies face the green space to the south; underground parking

Competition 2005, 1st Prize
in collaboration with Halter Generalunternehmung AG

Planning/Construction 2005–2009

Client Migros Pensionskasse Immobilien, Zurich

Gross Floor Area 16‘693 m2

Competition Organzier Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Zurich

Team G/G Planning/Construction: Markus Seiler (Team Manager), Martin Bischofberger (Project Manager), Rolf-Werner Wirtz, Florian Isler, Daniel Trepte, Kristin Sasama, Sebastian Beck, Daniela Bergmann
Competition: Gilbert Isermann

Total Contractor Halter Generalunternehmung AG, Zurich

Landscape Architecture Rotzler Krebs Partner AG, Landschaftsarchitekten BSLA, Winterthur

Structural Engineer ARP André Rotzetter+Partner AG, Baar

Electrical Engineer R+B engineering AG, Zurich

Building Services Engineer Project: HL-Technik AG, Schaffhausen
Execution: Turrin Engineering, Hegnau

Building Physics Engineer Raumanzug GmbH, Zurich

Timber Engineer Josef Kolb AG, Uttwil

Colours Harald F. Müller, Öhningen, Germany

Photos © Harald F. Müller
© Lucas Peters