Housing Development Labitzke Areal

A dynamic increase in density was planned for the premises of the former Labitzke industrial plant, where paint was produced until the early 1990s. The 10,000 square metres of land in Zürich-Altstetten now accommodate 277 rental units, commercial spaces, offices and a day-care centre.

Eight buildings of different sizes and heights meander among neighbouring plots between busy Hohlstrasse and quiet Albulastrasse. The staggered arrangement of the buildings creates enclosed outdoor spaces, each with a character of its own depending on location and design. Passageways connect the squares and ensure pedestrian access throughout the premises. The former atmospheric quality of the heterogeneous commercial buildings should be sustained in a new form.

Two high-rise buildings of 15 and 21 floors respectively are placed west and east at the beginning and end of the development. The ground floor levels facing the streets and the outside squares accommodate shops, commercial spaces and a day-care centre. Forty types of flats have been designed for a wide spectrum of tenants, from spacious 4.5 room accommodation to simple studios with a small garden.

Vertical and horizontal strip work and slightly recessed railings form an architectural structure shared by all of the buildings and lending unity to the whole.

Location Zürich Altstetten, Switzerland

Programme 8 buildings, 4–19 storeys including two residential towers: 47 and 64 metres tall respectively; 7 squares/courtyards, 277 rental units, 17 commercial uses in the ground floor: bistro, day-care centre, offices, retail, serviced apartments (H6), underground parking, 123 car pitches, of which 20 for visitors, 1 car sharing pitch, 670 bicycle, 11 motorcycle stands

Competition 2013, 1st Prize

Planning/Construction 2013–2018

Client Mobimo AG, Küsnacht

Gross Floor Area 39‘986 m2

Team G/G Planning/ Construction: Christian Maggioni (Team Manager 01/2016–), Volker Mencke (Team Manager –12/2015), Urs Meyer (Project Manager 11/2014–), Cornelia Schmidt (Project Manager 2013–10/2014), Philippe Volpe, Andy Gratwohl, Arend Kölsch, Maxim Moskalenko, Stefanie Bittig, Chiara Giovanola, Rodrigo Jorge
Competition: Stefan Thommen, Christoph Dober, Leyla Illman

Total Contractor Implenia Schweiz AG, Dietlikon

Landscape Architecture Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Zurich

Structural Engineer Competition: Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich
Construction: Dr. J. Grob & Partner AG, Bauingenieure SIA/USIC, Winterthur

Electrical Engineer HKG Engineering AG, Schlieren

Building Services Engineer Competition/Submission: PB P. Berchtold Dipl. Ing. HTL/HLK, Sarnen
Construction: JOP Joseph Ottiger + Partner AG, Rothenburg

Building Physics Engineer BAKUS Bauphysik & Akustik GmbH, Zurich

Fire Safety Competition/Submission: Hautle Anderegg + Partner AG, Bern
Construction: Conti Swiss AG, Zurich

Facade Aeplan, Eschelbach Metallbauplanung GmbH, Wikon

Colours Harald F. Müller, Öhningen, Germany

Photos © Roman Keller