Housing Development Wolfswinkel

The longitudinal area to be developed, running approximately from west to east, is situated between Wolfswinkel and Teufwiesenstrasse in Unter-Affoltern, and represents the transition from urban space to rural landscape, while at the same time functioning as a filter. Therefore, the complete building mass is divided into individual building groups, which again are composed of three volumes. Two houses of these groups of three, alternately oriented northwards and southwards, face the road, one is directed towards the middle of the allotment, from where all buildings are accessed (if they are not entered directly from the underground car park). Small access roads or paths lead to the streets, a meandering path connects the houses along the linear axis of the allotment. Children’s playgrounds, public areas, meadows and private gardens belonging to the ground floor flats are separated by hedges and form a patchwork of outside spaces of varying quality.

The flats are aligned from north to south and are additionally illuminated from the west or the east in order to enable a view both of the landscape and the townscape, as well as the sunshine on the southern side. A 4 1/2 room flat with a Z-shaped displaced living/dining room connecting the north and the south sides and two loggias represent the basic type. Depending upon the location, 1 room, 2 1/2 room, 3 1/2 room and 5 172 room flats are located on the ground floor, on the top floor under the roof are 5 1/2 room or 4 1/2 room flats with a separate single room. The roof terraces serve as communal outside areas.  Side rooms, the janitor’s apartment, communal rooms as well as flexible floor areas for offices or hobbies, are located on the base floor of the houses directed towards Teufwiesen Street.

The three- to four-storey volumes distributed over the slightly sloping terrain are composed of plastered single brick masonry and concrete plates. The separation of the individual building groups is emphasised using colour.

On the separate western allotment, the houses are pushed together to form a single meandering group. A school building is situated at the head of the entire development.

Text: Hubertus Adam

Location Zurich-Affoltern

Programme 2.5–5.5 room apartments, childcare, kindergarten, neighbourhood meeting point, communal room

Competition 2003

Competition Organzier ABZ – Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zurich

Team G/G Mathias Brühlmann, Raul Mera

Landscape Architecture Zulauf Seippel Schweingruber GmbH, Landschaftarchitekten, Baden

Structural Engineer Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich