Refurbishment of Villa Rosau

In the course of the project for the new office building, Villa Rosau was completely refurbished. The historical villa was constructed by the architect Ferdinand Stadler in 1844/45 for residential use. As most of its original substance was lost during previous remodelling, conservation efforts were concentrated on the building envelope. It was thoroughly renovated and in places restored to original condition. Furthermore, the building received a new structural foundation, while the former spatial arrangement was rebuilt from scratch. The villa houses the Club Baur au Lac and comprises a semi-public bar and restaurant on the ground floor with meeting rooms, a fireplace lounge and offices on the upper floors.

Location Zurich, Switzerland

Programme Club Baur-au-Lac, lounge, restaurant, kitchen, seminar rooms, offices

Commission 2009

Planning/Construction 2009–2020

Client Basic construction: Villa Rosau AG, Zurich
Client’s Representative: Conarenco AG, Zurich

Gross Floor Area 2‘104 m2

Team G/G Christian Maggioni (Team Manager from 11/2012), Mathias Rösner (Project Manager from 2011), Michael Winklmann (Team Manager until 10/2012), Martin Bischofberger (Project Manager until 2010), Roman Vetterli, Christoph Dober, Karla Pilz, Griet Aesaert, Daniel Friedmann

Site Management b+p baurealisation ag, Zurich

Landscape Architecture Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich

Structural Engineer Locher Bauingenieure AG, Zurich

Electrical Engineer IGB B. Graf AG, St.Gallen

Building Services Engineer Gruenberg + Partner AG, Zurich

Building Physics Engineer Kopitsis Bauphysik AG, Wohlen

Fire Safety Makiol+Wiederkehr, Beinwil am See

Interior Design Club Baur-au-Lac: Atelier Zürich

Photos © Roman Keller