Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer, Gregory Grämiger, Barbara Schlauri, Ulrike Traut (Hrsg.)
Library Buildings
gta Verlag
ETH Zürich, 2018
328 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-85676-381-7

Preface by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer
Contributions by Gregory Grämiger, Michael Hagner, Markus Joachim, Ilma Rakusa, Arthur Rüegg, Philip Ursprung

Library buildings have always served not only to store knowledge, but also as collective places for study, quiet reading and communication. Although the supposedly unrestricted availability of information on the Internet has created competition for the printed book, spectacular buildings testify to the unbroken topicality and fascination of constructing public Libraries.
Photographs, plans and a detailed explanatory text showcase 40 particularly innovative library buildings from Europe, Asia and America. Six accompanying texts discuss the places where books are collected, used, read and loved.
gta Verlag