Arthur Rüegg, Jürg Rehsteiner, Toni Wirth
Fenster–Fassade. Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer
Ed. ETHZ Professur Arthur Rüegg
Zürich, 1998
52 pages

Annotated construction documentation (in German)
as part of the construction course of the architecture department ETHZ Professorship Arthur Rüegg

“With the architecture of Gigon/Guyer, the precise choice of the façade structure and the careful formulation of the window opening can be demonstrated in an exemplary manner, while at the same time linking up with current building activity.” A.R. July 1998

With essays by Arthur Rüegg
Abstract – familiar
Permanence and Transience

Kirchner Museum Davos
Davos Sports Centre
Kunstmuseum Winterthur
Detached House Canton Zürich
Residential Complex Broëlberg, Kilchberg