CreaTower I Office High-rise
Extension Housing Development Brunnenhof
Refurbishment Outdoor Areas and Water Basin, University of Zurich
Refurbishment of the Löwenbräu-Arts Centre East, Löwenbräu-Areal
Refurbishment of the Parking Deck, Herdern Facility Building
CreaTower I office high-rise with CreaTower II urban planning concept
New Social Insurance Centre WAS (Wirtschaft Arbeit Soziales)
Areal Eichhof West
New Social Insurance Centre WAS (Wirtschaft Arbeit Soziales)
Areal Eichhof West
Werkstadt Zürich Building X
Terraced Houses Zollikon
New building for the Zentrum für Gehör und Sprache Zürich
Extension Staudenbühl School Complex
Extension of CSS Headquarters Lucerne
Administration building Kreuzboden
Residential Building in Männedorf
Refurbishment of the Herdern High-rise Building
Refurbishment of the Herdern High-rise Building
«PORTAL UZH» New research and teaching building, University of Zurich, Campus Irchel
Swiss Museum of Transport – Multi-purpose Building «House of Energy»
Replacement of Hangenmoos Housing Estate
Feasibility Study Migros Altstetten
Gigon/Guyer. Kirchner Museum revisited
Wache West and Stadtarchiv Zürich
Extension Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop «Josef-Albers-Galerie»
Extention Cantonal School Reussbühl
Housing Estate Altwiesen- / Dübendorfstrasse
Rocket und Tigerli, Lokstadt, Site 4B
Development Ausserholligen VI
Adaption Room Acoustics – Auditorium, University of Zurich
University of Applied Sciences Graubünden
Technical Vocational School Salzmagazin
New laboratory building House 6
Hotel and Office Building – Greencity
Residential Building Hegibach
New Library St.Gallen
Centre for Laboratory Medicine
Refurbishment of Villa Rosau
Centre of Dental Medicine
Secondary School Building Im Isengrind
Office-/Residential Building Hegibach
Renovation Textile Museum St.Gallen
Sports Center Oerlikon
Rosau Office Building
New Building Campus Platztor University St.Gallen
Rösslimatt Site B+C
Living/Working Balgrist
School Complex Ringstrasse
Residential Building in Küsnacht
High-rise Building Krismer Areal
Housing Development Holliger U2
High-rise Building H1, Housing with Co-working Spaces, Zwhatt-Areal
Replacement for Langgrüt Housing Estate
Schwamendinger Dreieck, Construction Site B
Grevas Education Centre
Residential Building with Commercial Spaces, Koch-Areal Section B
Office Building Complex for the European Commission, Project Loi 130
School Building Wiesental
Housing Development Labitzke Areal
Olma Neuland Hall 1 and Design of Outdoor Facilities
Office High-rise Andreasturm
Office Building Claridenstrasse 35
Espace de l’Art Concret, Extension of the Collection Building, Phase 3
University Hospital Zurich Core Site
Extension Josef Albers Museum Quadrat
Francis Bouygues Building, Ecole CentraleSupélec
Renovation of Hospital Complex Schaffhausen ESSH
Cité de la Musique
Remodeling of a Farmhouse
Résidence «Le Corylus»
Thurgauerstrasse School Complex
Hotel Züri, Heinrichstrasse
Wache Nord Fire and Rescue Station with Central Operations Logistics
Life Sciences Building, University of Lausanne
Espace de l’Art Concret, Extension of the Collection Building, Phase 2
Depot and Studio for an Artist
Criminal Investigation Department of the Zurich City Police
Wallrüti School Classroom Wing
ewz Areal Herdern
School Building Freilager
Laboratory Building Buchenhof
Cantonal Photography Museum
Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts
Housing Development Entrepôt Macdonald
Extension of the Espace de l’Art Concret Collection, Phase 1
Replacement for Housing Estate Kanzleistrasse
Office Building Claridenstrasse 35
Löwenbräu-Areal – Arts Centre, Residential Tower and Office Building
Natural History Museum Basel and Cantonal Archive Basel-Stadt
Francis Bouygues Building, Ecole CentraleSupélec
High-rise Building
Primary School Krämeracker
Replacement of Hangenmoos Housing Estate
Inselspital University Hospital
Housing Development Guggach II
Fondazione Marguerite Arp
Lindt Chocolate Competence Center
Test Planning Stierli Areal
Lucerne School of Music
Administrative Centre Zug
Areal Rösslimatt
Office Building Lagerstrasse House, Europaallee
Housing Development „Wohnen am See“, Schmerikon
Housing Development Labitzke Areal
Housing Development Zellweger-Areal
Würth Haus Rorschach
Office High-rise Andreasturm
ZHAW School of Health Professions
Housing Development Gartenstrasse
Housing Development, Färberei-Areal
Housing Development Färberei-Areal
Hotel and Office Building – Greencity
Hardturm Football Stadium
Kunsthalle Mannheim
Résidence du Parc de Grange-Canal
Prime Tower Office High-rise
with Annex Buildings Cubus and Diagonal, Maag-Areal
Cubus Office Building, Maag-Areal
Refurbishment of Former Diagonal Industrial Building, Maag-Areal
«Platform» Office Building
Hotel Dolder Waldhaus
Detached House on Zürichberg
Housing Complex Villa Pax
Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts MCBA
Housing Complex Zollikerstrasse
Research Building GLC with Laboratories and Offices, ETH Zurich
Blumenfeld School
Housing Development Mattenhof
Extension of Museum of World Cultures
Urban Planning Concept, Sulzerareal Werk 1, Winterthur – present: Lokstadt
High-rise Office Building Taunusanlage 8
Housing Development Bombach
Extension of Hardbrücke Railway Station
Indoor Swimming Pool / Sports Center
Cultural Center Les Arts
Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec
Hotel Schwägalp
Housing Development Erlenhof
Town Hall Volketswil
Extension of Kunstmuseum Basel
The Circle
Würth Haus Rorschach
High-rise Office Buildings Baden Nord
Housing Development Goldschlägi
Retail and Office Building Sévelin
Visitors Center Museum Kalkriese
Visitors Center Museum Kalkriese
Housing Development Tramstrasse / Funkwiesenstrasse
Lindberghallee Glattpark
Munch Museum and Stenersen Museum Collections
Swiss Museum of Transport – Entrance Building
Swiss Museum of Transport – Road Transport Hall
Areal Letzibach, Area C
Row Houses Bosrijk
Extension of Kunsthaus Zürich
Railway Station Baar with shops, offices and apartments
Residential District Blaricummermeent, Area B
Housing Development Zellweger-Areal
Congress House Davos
Hawa Administration and Production Building
A House On The Sea – 1st Phase
A House On The Sea – 2nd Phase
Housing Complex Villa Pax
Extension of Städel Museum
Résidence du Pré-Babel
Curling hall Davos
Old Warteck-Areal, Riehenring
Detached House, Canton Grisons
Housing Complex Diggelmannstrasse
Housing Complex Park Grünenberg
Housing Development Langhagweg
Remodeling of the Kunstmuseum Basel and Laurenzbau Library
Housing Development Brunnenhof
New building and remodeling of the Kunstmuseum Basel
Residential and Retail Building
Housing Development Neumünsterallee
Detached House, Küsnacht
Museum Folkwang
Development of Central Area Bleiche-Areal
S-Bahn Railway Station, Museum of Transport
Housing Project Areal Schleife
Housing Development De Driehoek, Science Park
Maison du Livre et Parking du Château
Zurich University of Teacher Education and Sihlpost Office Complex
Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach
Urban Planning Police and Justice Center Site
Zurich University of the Arts, Toni-Areal
ZürichForum – New Congress Center
Housing Complex Zollikerstrasse
Housing Development Schaffhauserstrasse
Residential and Retail Building Terrains Renault, Rives de Seine
Housing Development Goldschlägi
Extension of Office Building UICN
Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
Housing Development Erlenhof
Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History
Three Single Family Row Houses
Housing Development CU West
Maag-Tower (now: Prime Tower)
Kunst-Depot, Henze & Ketterer Gallery
Extension/Renovation of Historical Villa, Kastanienbaum
Façade envelope for l’île Seguin
Railway Station Baar with shops, offices and apartments
Urban Space, Main Railway Station Zurich
Novartis Laboratory and Knowledge Center
Casa de la Historia
Housing Development Brunnenhof
Housing Development Wolfswinkel
Donation Albers-Honegger Espace de l’Art Concret
Detached House in Zurich
Préau des Enfants
Retail and Residential Building on Oberanger
Alte Chemie
Extension of Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Housing Development Neumünsterallee
New Ritter Sport Museum
Areal Hauptwerkstätte SBB
Letzigrund Stadium
New Museum of Contemporary Art
Residential Towers Kattendijkdok
Lake and Congress Hotel Beau-Rivage
National Park Center
Housing Complex Park Grünenberg
Auditorium, University of Zurich
Three Single Family Row Houses
Archaeological Museum and Park Kalkriese
Housing Development and Remodeling Pflegi-Areal
Archaeological Museum and Park Kalkriese
Extension of Rietberg Museum
Extension of Workshop School Buildings Appisberg
Extension of Workshop School Buildings Appisberg
New building HIT, ETH Hönggerberg
Building for research, teaching and services, e-Science Lab
Housing Development Broëlberg II
Training Hall HCD
Office Building Thurgauerstrasse
Media City Port
Kiosk in Riesbach Harbor
No. 2–7 Leipziger Platz
Installation in Courtyard of Museum and Library Building
AZ-Media AG Office Building
Swiss National Museum
Expo-Pavillon 2002
Housing Development Broëlberg III
Café Kunsthalle Zürich
Parliament Building Vaduz
Three Houses on Susenbergstrasse
Three Houses on Susenbergstrasse
Urban Development Study Manegg
Museum of Art and Design
Swiss Museum of Transport – Restaurant Pavilion
Swiss Museum of Transport – Urban Development Concept
Municipal Works Yard
Municipal Works Yard
Training Center Roche Forum
Cidade da Cultura
Extension of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Alfried Krupp House
Signal Box
Housing Development and Remodeling Pflegi-Areal
Renovation and Extension Oskar Reinhart Collection «Am Römerholz»
Office and Service Center
Museum of World Culture
Municipal Works Yard and Fire Station
Kunstmuseum Appenzell
Kunstmuseum Linz
Two Houses in Zurich
Kunstmuseum Vaduz
Housing Development Hohenbühl
Kunsthalle Adolf Würth
Housing Development Wallisellen
Extension of Kunsthaus Aarau
Library Extension Winterthur
Kolumba Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne
Signal Box
Davos Sports Center
Converted into: Davos Tourism and Sports Center
Davos Sports Center
Residential Complex Broëlberg I
Cultural Center and Workshop, Schauspielhaus
Shop and Office Building at Winterthur Railway Station
Reinsurance Company Training Center
Extension of Kunstmuseum Winterthur
Detached House Canton Zürich
Hotel Park Hyatt
Vinikus Restaurant, Reconstruction and New Building
Kirchner Museum Davos
School for Stone Sculptors St.Gallen
Kirchner Museum Davos
Training Center and Museum on the Schia Brook
Building complex on the Schoeller-Hardturm sites