Refurbishment Herdern High-rise, Zurich, Study Commission 2018, 1st Prize
in collaboration with Walt Galmarini

Extension Josef Albers Museum Quadrat, Bottrop, Germany, January 2017, 1st Prize


New Building Classroom Wing Schulhaus Wallrüti, Winterthur, Selective Project Competition,September 2016, 2nd Prize

Office and Commercial Building Balzan Fondation, Zurich, March 2015, 1st Prize
Gastronomy Clouds Conversion, Prime Tower, Zurich, March 2015, 1st Prize
Pôle muséal, Musée cantonal de la Photographie, Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, Lausanne, October 2015, 5th Rank

Bâtiment du Campus CentraleSupélec, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, all services included competition
with Bouygues, Paris, November 2014, 1st Prize
Hangenmoos Housing Development, Wädenswil, 2-phase study commission, July 2014, 1st Prize
New Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern, September 2014, 2nd Prize/3rd Rank
New Hochschule Luzern - Musik, 2nd phase, April 2014, 2nd Prize

ZHAW Gesundheit, Sulzerareal Winterthur, February 2013, 3rd Prize
High-rise building Andreasstrasse, Zurich-Oerlikon, 2nd phase, March 2013, 1st Prize
Housing Complex Seestrasse 290, Zurich-Wollishofen, April 2013, 2nd Rank
Housing Complex Labitzke, Zurich, May 2013, 1st Prize
New Administration Building Zug, September 2013, 2nd Prize

Extension Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany, June 2012, acknowledgement
New Stadium Hardturm, Zurich, 1st and 2nd phase, August 2012, 3rd Prize
Residential and Office Building Wiesental, St. Gallen, August 2012, short listed
Office Building Greencity, Zurich, August 2012, 1st Prize

Extension of ‘Hardbrücke’ Railway Station, Zurich, April 2011, 1st Prize - (project-stop after competiton.)
New Cantonal Museum of Fine Art (MCBA), Lausanne, April 2011, 5th Prize
Dolder Waldhaus, Zurich, November 2011, 1st and 2nd phase, short listed

‘Les Arts Gstaad’, Concert Hall and Museum of Art, January 2010, 3rd Prize 
Housing Complex ‘Siedlung Bombach’, May 2010, 2nd Prize
Design Pitch Gastronomy Prime Tower, Zurich, October/November 2010, 1st and 2nd phase, 1st Prize

Office and Retail Building PSP, Lausanne, May 2009, 1st Prize, ex aequo
‘Würth’ Administration Building with Training Centre, Rorschach, August 2009, 1st Prize  Master Plan ‘Sulzerareal Werk 1’, Winterthur, September 2009, 1st Prize

Extension Städel Museum, Frankfurt, Germany, January 2008, 2nd Prize, ex aequo
Housing Project Villa Pax, Baden, 1st Prize
Extension Kongresshaus, Davos, May 2008, 2nd Prize
Housing Development Zellweger-Areal, Uster, June 2008, 1st Prize
Extension Kunsthaus, Zurich, August 2008, 2nd Prize

Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany, March 2007, 3rd Prize 
Redesign Visitors Area ’Feller’, Horgen, August 2007, 3rd Prize 
Housing Complex Langhagweg, Zurich, August 2007, 3rd Prize

Sihlpost, Europaallee Zurich, March 2006, 2nd Prize, Collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin

Housing Development Erlenhof, Dietikon, February 2005, 1st Prize
Housing Development Goldschlägi, Schlieren, June 2005, 1st Prize
New Convention Centre, Zurich, October 2005  
Housing Complex Zollikerstrasse, Zurich, November 2005, 1st Prize
Visitors Center and Park Kalkriese, Osnabrück, Germany, November 2005, 1st Prize 

Residence Pré-Babel, Geneva, January 2004, 1st Prize
Railway Station with shops, offices and apartments, Baar, February 2004, 1st Prize Masterplan Police and Justice Centre, Zurich, 1st Prize 
‘Maison du Livre’ and Parking, Mouans-Sartoux, July 2005, 1st Prize, ex aequo
Office Building ‘Prime Tower’ with annexes, Zurich, October 2004, 1st Prize

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA, February 2003, short listed
Museum ‘Ritter Sport’, Waldenbuch, Germany, March 2003, 1st Prize
‘Löwenbräu’ - Arts Centre with residential tower and offices, Zurich, April 2003, 1st Prize, ex aequo    
Housing Development Neumünsterallee, Zurich, May 2003, 1st Prize
Office and Residential Building ‘Oberanger’, Munich, Germany, June 2003, 3rd Prize
Primary School ‚Burg’, Näfels, June 2003, 3rd Prize
Housing Complex Brunnenhof, Zurich, October 2003, 1st Prize
Housing Complex Diggelmannstrasse, Zurich, December 2003, 1st Prize 
Residence Towers, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1st Prize 

Extension Rietberg Museum, Zurich, February 2002, 3rd Prize
Three Single-Family Row Houses, Rüschlikon, July 2002, 1st Prize
Housing Complex Park Grünenberg, Wädenswil, summer 2002, 1st Prize  
National Park Centre, Zernez, October 2002
Congress Hotel ’Beau-Rivage’, Biel, November 2002, special mention

Competition ‚Leipzigerplatz 2-7’, Berlin, Germany, May 2001, 3rd Prize
Remodelling of the Art Museum and Laurenzbau, Basel, June 2001, 1st Prize
‘Media City Port’ Hamburg, Germany, September 2001, 3rd Prize

‘Donation Albers-Honegger’, Mouans-Sartoux, France, November 1999, 1st Prize
Parliamentary Building Vaduz, Liechtenstein, October 2000 

Housing Development and Remodeling, Pflegi-Areal, Zurich, February 1999, 1st Prize
Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne, June 1999, 1st Prize
Extension Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, USA, June 1999 
City of Culture Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 1999 
Roche Training Centre, Buonas, August 1999

Municipal Works Yard, Davos, June 1998, 1st Prize 
Archaeological Archeological Museum and Park Kalkriese, Osnabrück, Germany, July 1998, 1st Prize
Three Houses on Susenbergstrasse, Zurich, August 1998, 1st Prize    
Renovation and Extension of Workshop School Buildings, Appisberg, September 1998, 1st Prize   
Office and Residential Building ‘Zentrum Farb’, Thalwil, autumn 1998, 1st Prize 

‚Kolumba’ Diocesan Museum, Cologne, Germany, April 1997, 2nd Prize
Kunsthalle Adolf Würth, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, October 1997, 2nd Prize
Extension Kunsthaus, Aarau, August 1997, 3rd Prize

Signal Box, Zurich, November 1996, 1st Prize

Library Addition, Winterthur, March 1995, 1st Prize
Reinsurance Traning Centre, Rüschlikon, autumn 1995, special mention
Retail and Office Building at the Railway Station, Winterthur, October 1995, 2nd Prize

Hotel Park Hyatt, Zurich, June 1993, 1st Prize
Renovation and Extension, Oskar Reinhart Collection, Römerholz, Winterthur, spring 1993, 1st Prize
Extension Kunstmuseum Winterthur, December 1993, 1st Prize

Sports Centre Davos, May 1992, 1st Prize

Stone Sculptor’s School, St. Gallen, 2nd Prize 

Kirchner Museum Davos, October 1989, 1st Prize